Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Slow But Steady Progress

I think I've been doing Body Rock now for almost 2 months. My scale is packed away and I've only taken one set of measurements a week ago, so I don't have any objective measures of my improvement. Nevertheless, I wanted to note the totally subjective improvements to my health and fitness thus far. In no particular order:
- I'm way more cardiovascularly fit. I can pusher harder for longer periods.
- I don't get nearly as sore from the workouts as I used to.
- 2 months ago I could do about 3 push ups, a month ago I could do 6-7 and now I can do 10-12 in a row.
- My waistline is trimmer and I have some upper ab definition.
- Better definition in my shoulders and arms.
- Belt is on a notch lower.

On one hand, I feel like I've made amazing progress in only two months with my strength and my cardio. But on the other hand, even without my scale I know I haven't taken off any grand amount of weight - this is why I say it's been slow progress. The thing is, I feel leaner and tighter. Right now, I don't really care if my progress is slow. The way I see it, even if I only take off 1 pound a month for the next year, that means in 1 year I'll be 12 pounds trimmer, and in BodyRockin' good shape.

There is this, too. I've been packing my things and totally stressed out for over a month now. Once I settle into my new house, I think I'll be able to give my diet the attention and care it deserves and optimize it for my goals. With my life packed away in boxes, it's been difficult to eat as well as I should. Even so, I think I've done pretty well with it. For example, I've not relied on fast food at all - but I have relied on things like Zone Bars to see me through. Not terrible, but not the best either.

I'm looking forward to a hard core summer of BodyRock!

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