Monday, May 2, 2011

Abs Now! Workout

The Abs Now! Workout is on the menu today, minus all that jumping and hopping.

?? minutes, Time Challenge, 8 exercises, 400 reps total
50 reps Lunge Back & Press Up
50 reps Super Girl Plank
50 reps Sumo Squat
50 reps Reptile Plank
50 reps Side Lunge Jump
50 reps Santana Plank
50 reps Lunge Back & Kick Up
50 reps Mini Squat (burn out)

Update: Somehow one day off stretched into 3 days off. How does that happen? I think it had something to do with my moving my things into storage and generally being out of sorts. Anyway, I did the workout yesterday and later in the day I got in an hour long walk with the dogs.

Time: 15 minutes, 29 seconds. Ouch.

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