Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Microscope Up The Arse

Apparently, if you've filed for bankruptcy and you're getting a government loan on your house, this gives the feds permission to look up your arse with a microscope. I turned in my loan application and the underwriter came back with a list of 13 things I needed to provide them. 13!

This list included things such as: a signed letter explaining why I pay Toyota $500 a month and not $310 like my credit report says. Um, I want to pay it down early. That's legal, right?

And things such as: explain the $930 deposit to your bank account on March 25th. Um, that was my tax return from the federal government less the $40 in fees I paid to the company that filed it. You know, it says right next to it on the statement "FED." Well, now I need a receipt for filing my taxes. To prove that the $40 was paid to the tax company. Really? You can't just look at my federal return which says $970 and take my word for it?

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