Sunday, April 10, 2011

Body Rock

About a month after I quit smoking, a friend from work introduced me to this web site: Body Rock. I perused the web site and thought "No way am I ever going to do something like this." It goes against everything I've been taught about getting in shape and it looks like hell. A month and a half after my first (hellish) Body Rock workout, I'm hooked. I will never go back to traditional weight lifting. Here's why:
- I don't need a gym membership to Body Rock. Which means I don't have to spend $600 a year on a gym membership.
- The equipment you need to do all of the Body Rock workouts is minimal, costs less than a $600, and you'll have it for the rest of your life.
- Body Rock workouts are almost exclusively body weight exercises.
- Most Body Rock workouts take anywhere from 10-20 minutes to complete. Maybe once a week they take longer than that. When I was lifting, even if the workout was only 45 minutes, I had to drive to the gym, warm up, lift, wait for equipment, cool down, and drive home. Almost without fail this would eat up 1.5-2 hours of my day no matter how efficient I was in the gym. Now it takes me less than an hour to warm up, workout, and cool down. And I don't have to waste gas in car to do it, so it's better for the environment, too!
- Body Rock workouts make me sore, but not to the point of feeling like I've injured myself.
- In the little over a month I've been doing Body Rock, I've seen better results than I did after months of lifting. No joke.
- The workouts are constantly changing. This means that I'm never bored and better yet, neither is my body.
- Zuzana (from the Body Rock site) is adorable and such huge inspiration. I love her attitude, her no nonsense commitment to getting and staying in shape, and her sane approach to eating for the best you.

More posts to follow and Body Rock, including the Body Rocker's creed and my workouts.

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