Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Love With Laurel

Hi Everybody. The good news is that I'm now officially a homeowner! I moved into my new house yesterday morning. I am SO happy to finally have a home again. And not a moment too soon. I've been carting the dogs around in the car for so long I think that they think that the car is home, lol!

I did a walk through of the house right before closing. When I pulled up and looked in the window I saw a couch, books and rugs still in the family room. I called my agent thinking, "It looks like someone still lives here!" Nope, the previous owners just decided to leave me a bunch of furniture. OK. So, this part is actually pretty cool. They left me antique dressers, rockers, mirrors, a patio set and two twin beds (for the guest room). They left more usable furniture in the house than I own. No joke. They left me a dining room table which is uber cool since I was dreading having to buy one. They also left a lawn mower and tons of around the house tools in the shed. Here's the not so cool part. They left all of their JUNK! They left me knick-knacks, art, wreaths, touch up paint (I'm repainting), multiple old lamps and two old couches, one of which is deadful! So, not only do I have to move my stuff in and organize it all, I also have to get rid of all of the stuff they left that I don't want. I guess you take the good with the bad.

There will be pictures of the house and house projects in the months to come. I've got all sorts of work to do on the place! On my project to do list:
- Paint the front door RED.
- Repaint the downstairs bedroom a soothing blue or green - it's mint colored right now and totally obnoxious.
- Paint the upstairs bedrooms a nice crisp, clean white. Currently there is a beach motif mural in one of the bedrooms - ugh.
- Install a shelving system in the upstairs closet.

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